About us

Staying “well” means, today more than ever, staying well in body and mind. This is the principle that inspired of the Long Life Clinic. Those who live and choose the Long Life Clinic love their life and look into the distance to adopt behavior today that will allow them to be in shape and balance with themselves and others tomorrow. It is not always enough to speak of health. It is first and foremost necessary to be in equilibrium and thus balanced in everything we do: movement, nutrition and thought.

Science and research

Research above all. The Long Life Clinic’s results are guaranteed by science and our healthcare expertise. Over 40 years of scientific research and collaboration with


Special projects

Long Life Clinic, alongside its mission, carries out special projects and synergies with the world of research, academic instruction and analysis of social phenomena connected


Lucia Magnani skincare

Lucia Magnani Skincare is the dermatological research project that redefines the concept of beauty; a new line of cosmetics representing the fruit of over 20