Today Lucia Magnani holds the position of Managing Director of two companies belonging to the GVM Care&Research healthcare holding company: Primus Forlì Medical Center—Day Surgery in private, highly-specialized outpatient clinic, and LONGLIFE Formula S.p.A.—the company that manages the Terme di Castrocaro, a complex encompassing the Long Life Clinic, the Grand Hotel & Spa and the hot springs (170 years of activity, over 2 million patients treated and 26 million cures provided). She holds the position of President of the American company GVM Long Life Formula Ltd, a project launched in the United States to spread the philosophy of proper lifestyle and wellbeing. She holds an additional office as President of the Board of Directors and Consultant of Gierre Trading S.r.l.

After furthering her studies in biochemical analysis, she broadened her experience at a clinical research and analysis laboratory, demonstrating from the start a strong proclivity and interest in research. Subsequently, she purchased a controlling share in the analysis laboratory thus showing a managerial capacity which later led her to the study of economics and thus a degree in Economics and Business Management. She embarked on her professional path in the healthcare sector launching, reorganizing and directing various entities, often as a shareholder. In 1995, she entered the managerial staff of Gruppo Villa Maria as the Managing Director of Primus Forlì Medical Center. Thanks to her gift for communication and interpersonal relationships, she was also trusted with the management of the Public Relations, Market & Communications Office of the Villa Maria Group, in which she realized important integrated communications programs “within” and “between” the various entities. Today these gifts see her involved in institutional and political relations on a national and international level.

She has been the Managing Director of the Terme di Castrocaro since 2010 and from the beginning she took up the challenge of relaunching the hot springs, proposing innovative and fascinating models for their development.