Long Life Formula cosmetics

The Long Life Formula serum for hydration and the Long Life Formula cream for nutrients are exclusive anti-aging cosmetics, formulated based on scientific studies conducted in specialized laboratories researching anti-aging. Said cosmetics are able to effectively deliver very high concentrations of physiological anti-oxidants, through which they repair and combat unaesthetic skin conditions.



According to Thales of Miletus, “water is the beginning of all things.” For us, water is the source of cures and psychological wellbeing. The natural qualities of the hot springs waters combined with the results of the most advanced cosmetic research optimize the effectiveness of our beauty products. We offer cosmetics at the center of a philosophy of wellbeing, devoted to the care of the body and mind, knowing that for all of us success arises from self-esteem.


The history of Terme di Castrocaro dates back over 170 years, when in 1830 the presence of saline-bromine-iodine and sulfuric waters at Castrocaro was officially recorded. Today we still adopt a natural process for maturing the waters and muds to maintain the utmost fidelity to history and nature. Thanks to this, we keep the hot springs ingredients intact, which we put back into our cosmetic products, useful for taking care of one’s skin every day naturally. 


Safeguarded for over 7 million years in the heart of the Castrocaro hills, the sulfuric and saline-bromine-iodine waters of Terme di Castrocaro come from the Beatrice and Bolga sources surrounded by pristine nature. Extremely rich in mineral salts, bromine, iodine and sulfur, they perform a natural toning and equalizing process for the skin, improving its micro-circulation and cell replacement. These waters flow from a special clay terrain from which the finest “blue clay” is extracted which, left to age naturally, produces a special mud called “velvet mud” due to its soft consistency. The mud transports and concentrates the active elements of the waters and allow for the achievement of a stimulating, purifying and reparative effect on the skin.