Growing attention to taking care of the individual and continued research into better quality of life is driving more and more people not to neglect the development of physical problems, weariness, pain from trauma, surgery or sport, or degenerative problems caused by the passage of time.

With Global Integrated Physical Therapy that combines the most modern physical therapy treatments with the precious and exclusive benefits of the hot springs hydro-kinesthetic therapy, the Long Life Clinic’s Rehabilitation Center seeks a complete recovery for each patient and the highest quality of life in the shortest time and the best way possible. Thanks to our Park, a natural oasis where tranquility reigns, the rehabilitation center is the ideal place to undergo a personal and complete rehabilitation program.

The Rehabilitation Center and hot springs hydro-kinesthetic therapy is connected to the Romagna Local Healthcare Agency’s Forlì branch, National Workers’ Compensation and  the National Health Service. Those residing outside the Romagna Local Healthcare Agency’s Forlì branch can carry out a Program from Restoration of motor function in thermal pool by submitting a National Health Service request issued by their family doctor.

The request for Restoration of motor function can be submitted contemporaneously with the prescription for hot springs cure.