GVM Care&Research is an Italian group active in healthcare, research, biomedical industry, hot-springs wellbeing and business services, with the goal of promoting wellbeing and quality of life. At the Group’s heart is a cohesive network of High-Specialization Hospitals, Poly-specialists and Day Surgery with private outpatient clinics: a network of entities and professional expertise which serves many regions of Italy and also extends abroad, in France, Poland and Albania. A long tradition has led GVM Care&Research to gain accreditation as a partner of the Italian National Healthcare System and a focal point of excellence—especially in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases—always increasing its attention paid to the dignity of the ill and continually realizing less invasive diagnostic and surgical techniques, alongside therapeutic regimens tailored to the patient. Its ability to give life to a network which acts as a “hyphen” connecting various organizations, specialties and services, allows the Group to always place the citizen-user at the center of a regimen of care, in which trust, quality of assistance, professionalism and valuing the individual come together in a welcoming and comfortable environment, all in the service of health and wellbeing.