Long life formula

Long Life Formula®  is an innovative method for establishing a proper lifestyle, an innovative scientific project conceived with the goal of prolonging life expectancy of years spent in good health. Hence the name “Long Life Formula,” because the method from which it derives began with the laboratory formula fine-tuned by high skills researchers to analyze and study cellular aging, understanding the causes and establishing remedies through improvements in lifestyle, i.e. through healthcare prevention, proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity; the nutritional supplements which help complete any deficiencies in the chain of antioxidants; anti-aging creams which deliver antioxidants through the skin.

Long Life Formula® is the best evidence of how scientific research can be placed in service of the wellbeing and health of individuals, and it represents the utmost expression of the services offered by the Long  Life Clinic. Beginning with a complete preliminary medical evaluation of their state of health, each guest will be exposed to a planned and coordinated series of all the interventions—medical/healthcare, nutrition and fitness—and hot springs and aesthetic treatments most suitable for reaching their chosen goal.

The formula

Everything begins from a formula: the laboratory formula for fighting premature aging. Long Life Formula® was born in 2011 from an idea by the managing director


The treatment programs

One can choose between 7 classes of the Long Life Formula treatment program based on specific individual needs. The common elements are the checkup of