Lucia Magnani skincare

Lucia Magnani Skincare is the dermatological research project that redefines the concept of beauty; a new line of cosmetics representing the fruit of over 20 years of research into wellbeing and anti-aging with an international team of researchers. Conducted with the support of Professor Sirio Passi, an expert in dermatology and anti-aging, and Professor Carlo Ventura, the director of SWITH, it has led to the creation of a product that combines scientific research with the natural properties present in the waters and mud of Castrocaro Terme hot springs through seven ingredients with anti-aging characteristics: carefully selected antioxidants (CoQ10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Alpha lipoic acid, Vitis vinifera), the minerals present in the natural green saline-bromine-iodine waters of Castrocaro Terme which lend brilliance and purity, quartz which fortifies and diffuses positive energy.

A meeting between Lucia Magnani and the designer Marc Rosen gave form to the treasure box that holds the “dream of long life”: Lucia Magnani Skincare’s packaging. A unique artistic creation which blends the Italian style of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and love for the world with elegance and professionalism.

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