My Long Life Formula® is an innovative mobile-medicine system for monitoring the primary health stats from a distance—the indices of one’s state of health.

Using the My Long Life Formula® App, the user automatically transfers the relevant stats to the system (blood pressure, glycemic level, weight, saturometrics, heart rate, etc.), by default this supplements his online file which is accessible to the doctor.

The doctor evaluates the data received, sets up a monitoring program and personalized thresholds, stepping in in cases of abnormal stats.

Indeed, to live long and well it is necessary to regularly monitor one’s own state of health and follow a proper lifestyle, in order to prevent the development of chronic-degenerative illnesses.

My Long Life Formula® makes the user responsible for directly managing his health, rapidly reporting health stats and helping the doctor by offering him direct access to the user’s data.

My Long Life Formula® is an application implemented by LONGLIFE Formula S.p.A.