I need a detox regimen; I feel the need to “detoxify” myself. I live in a city with air pollution. I eat irregularly. I don’t always sleep well. I have a sedentary lifestyle. My skin no longer looks healthy. I smoke. I drink alcohol. I feel bloated. Some of my results from medical examinations have changed. I’ve returned from vacation heavier, tired and stressed. At work I often lose focus and I’m subject to stress, irritation and frustration.


I feel “cleaner,” healthier. I’ve learned to eat well wherever I am. I’ve learned to regulate my physical activity using a simple method. My skin is much softer, smoother and cleaner, more “alive.” I feel “clean” on an intestinal level as well. I easily avoid excess. I smoke much less. I’ve returned to work full of enthusiasm and energy.

Medical Check-Up
• Laboratory analysis
• Oxidative stress examination
• Electrocardiogram
• Appointment with internal specialist
• Appointment with physical-therapy specialist
• Appointment with nutritionist
• Complete abdominal ultrasound
• Thyroid ultrasound
• Color Doppler ultrasound of the supra-aortic vessels
• Physical-therapy massages
• Daily conversations with medical staff
• Nurse assistance
• Delivery of final dossier at the end of the examination and final visit containing the clinical diary and a prevention plan for proper lifestyle
• Post-stay recall service by the medical staff to monitor your state of health

Fitness/aesthetic/spa treatments
• Fitness test and posture examination
• 2 sessions a day with the Personal Trainer and instruction on posture and proprioception
• 2 personalized aesthetic treatments a day
• Daily access to the Poly-thermal itinerary: sauna, Turkish bath, hot springs grotto, sensorial shower, immersion bath, Kneipp itinerary, thermal pool with hydro-massage jets, relaxation room with herbal tea. (children over 14 admitted for entrance)

Hotel hospitality
• Reservation in a LONG LIFE FORMULA® room
• Dedicated hospitality and Personal Assistant
• Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks a day at the Long Life Formula® cafe
• Personalized nutrition regimen according to the Long Life Formula® nutrition method
• Welcome kit including bathrobe and slippers, comfortable clothing to use during your stay (tracksuit + t-shirt)
• Access to the Solarium Terrace with freshwater and hot spring hydro-massage tubs (in season: May 1 – September 15)
• Access to the park’s freshwater pool, with a lounge chair and umbrella in a reserved area (in season: May 1 – September 15)

Customizable Personal Treatments

• Personalized Detox Massages
• Mist Exfoliation
• Hydro-colonic Therapy and Rectal Douche
• Detox compresses from detoxifying clay
• Detox thermal mud and baths
• Facial Cleansing with sulfuric mud mask
• Poly-thermal itineraries
• Physical Activity