Healthy products

The Long Life Formula method has the goal of establishing a proper lifestyle through the transmission of rules for nutrition, physical activity and prevention. With the goal of furnishing our guests with solutions to help with application of our method after their stay, we’ve created three lines of exclusive products: anti-aging cosmetics, nutritional supplements and the food & beverages line.

Long Life Formula cosmetics

The Long Life Formula serum for hydration and the Long Life Formula cream for nutrients are exclusive anti-aging cosmetics, formulated based on scientific studies conducted


Food & Beverages

Proper lifestyle begins with nutrition; indeed, it is through nutrition that we gain the majority of antioxidants. Antioxidants are very important materials for health, as


Nutritional supplements

Developed and formulated based on experience in the field of oxidative stress, Long Life Formula supplements distinguish themselves due to their high bioavailability and, thus,