Beauty & Skincare

The source of inspiration for the Long Life Clinic is over 20 years of studying wellbeing, anti-aging, epigenetics and the biophysics of molecular vibrations with an international team of researchers in the medical, chemical and biochemical field. Beauty is not only determined by aesthetic changes, but by those brought about by an internal state of wellbeing that enhances the unique essence of an individual. For this reason, we created a unique, Italian skincare regimen based on the most advanced scientific research in dermatology.

Aesthetic medicine

We work to better the quality of life of those who live in embarrassment due to unwanted, unaesthetic features. We create prevention programs for anti-aging


Aesthetic treatment

We take care of the details. All close attention dedicated to our body produces serenity and a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. Discover all our face,


Laser center

The Long Life Clinic offers the most advanced techniques in aesthetic medicine, the fruit of qualified scientific research, for the rejuvenation and improvement of the


SPA treatments

Our Spa offers every type of treatment and massage, including the most advanced aesthetic techniques. We’ve created unique treatments for you which combine hot springs