Oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is a direct result of the damage caused by an over-elevated quantity of free radicals to cells and tissues of the human body.

The damage is due to the fact that free radicals are highly unstable agents “hungry for electrons” which can only be stabilized—eliminating their harmful potential—through so-called “oxidizing action,” i.e. when they are able to strip these particles from the molecules they come in contact with. A small quantity of free radicals is produced even under normal conditions, as a result of cellular metabolism. Nevertheless, when the production of free radicals increases, it represents a dangerous threat to the cells’ integrity. What are the causes that might lead to an increase in the production of free radicals? There are two types: external and internal to the organism. The first type contains some physical agents (e.g. ultraviolet radiation), numerous chemical agents (e.g. hydrocarbons, herbicides, nutritional contaminants and pharmaceuticals) and some infectious agents (e.g. viruses and bacteria). The second category includes excessive acceleration of cellular metabolism (which can be seen, for example, after prolonged, strenuous physical exertion without proper training) and various illnesses, such as obesity and diabetes.

In a state of good health, our body is able to prevent damage from free radicals thanks to the natural defense systems labelled antioxidants, precisely because they counteract the oxidative activity of free radicals. Some antioxidants are “endogenous,” thus they are produced by our bodies of which they constitute an integral part. Others, however, for vitamins C and E for example are “exogenous,” in other words they are introduced from outside the body through methods such as proper nutrition. Thus, there is a delicate balance in our body between the (external or internal) production and “removal” of free radicals (by the antioxidant systems). The breakdown of this equilibrium provokes a surge in cellular lesions which, if serious and prolonged over time, lead to an acceleration of the aging process and the rise of numerous diseases.

Oxidative stress is thus a true pathological condition caused by the presence in our body of excessive quantities of free radicals, owing to an excessive production of these agents and/or a reduced efficacy in our body’s natural antioxidant defense system.

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