University of Ferrara

1st Level Master’s course “Expert in promoting of health and wellbeing”

Course objectives

Training personnel in prevention and wellbeing to design, realize and evaluate a series of “healthcare instruction” activities, according to the perspective of promoting health within the framework of the Ferrara: City of Wellbeing project. This is the aim of the 1st Level Master’s course to become an “Expert in promoting health and wellbeing” conceived and realized by the University of Ferrara’s Department of Science and Medicine and the Long Life Clinic of Castrocaro Terme, the organization which gathers together the techniques, specialists, services and expertise to build a new lifestyle, replacing damaging and improper habits for the health of every citizen.


A master’s course established to train professionals endowed with the technical/scientific skills necessary to evaluate health risks with particular emphasis on cardiovascular and oncological diseases and subsequent interventions aimed at reducing said risks through sufficient lifestyle improvements.

Who it is directed at

Strengthening the professionalism of healthcare workers, professional educators, teachers, dieticians, sports professionals, sociologists and psychologists dedicated to health and wellbeing. Hospital personnel, support services for education (for extracurricular activities), leaders in education related to disabilities, social disadvantage and interculturalism.