Rimettiamo noi stessi al centro

Let’s put ourselves back in the center.

The Long Life Clinic places the wellbeing of the individual at the center of attention suggesting sports activities and rehabilitation practices as well as mental training combined with nutrition, thus promoting a state of wellbeing and mind-body balance. Indeed, balance and moderation are the words which characterize the wellness approach to physical activity. In our centuries-old, eight hectares park, one can practice sports activities outdoors, while posture gymnastics with our personal trainers become a moment for putting your carriage back in equilibrium. And finally, holistic disciplines to regenerate the mind, body and soul.

Fitness and outdoor activites

Within the Long Life Clinic is a modern fitness center equipped with “Technogym” apparatus for toning, muscle strengthening and cardio activities. Consultation to plan competitive or


Posture gymnastics

At the Long Life Clinic we set up correct posture. Checking and resetting posture is fundamental for the prevention and correction of improper comportment, often


Holistic disciplines

These help people restore a healthy mind-body balance directing health research toward the individual as a whole. The holistic approach is very effective in prevention,